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Twitter: https://twitter.com/futureopsonline

A Multiplayer First Person Shooter with 5 game modes: Survival MMO, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Point and Co-op Mission and Battle Royale game modes.

Experience a unique Mobile Shooter in 40 Player Game Servers.

Organize your team with 8 Player Voice Chat.

Group up with your friends in Clans or join one of the existing 13,324 clans.

Create a custom map with the Map Builder or play on 2,141 User Created maps.

Zombie Ops Online just reached 500,000 Downloads and I wanted to invite you guys to check out how its changed over the years. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Mobile first person shooter touch controls with adjustable positioning and scaling.


ZombieOps_Free.apk 36 MB

Also available on


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Really can you make this into like an .exe or like a .zip thx